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Alternative Homes provides Adult Men with Board and Lodging services in order to obtain the most comfortable and efficient transitional experience in the Minneapolis area.

Serving the Community
Alternative Homes provides transitional housing services to those dealing with hardship in their lives. Our clients cope with but are not limited to:
Chemical Dependency
Minor physical disabilities
Mental Illness
Serving those in need

Program Info:
Group Residential Housing

Group Residential Housing (GRH) is a state funded program that pays for room and board costs for low-income elderly and adults with disabilities living in some licensed or registered community-based settings. The program aims to reduce and prevent institutional residence or homelessness.

Who is served?

In fiscal year 2012, the Group Residential Housing program served a monthly average of 18,600 participants. Seniors accounted for 17 percent of all recipients.
• All GRH recipients younger than 65 years old have conditions that limit their self-sufficiency, including a physical or mental health disability, visual impairment or a chemical dependency.
• Recipients must meet a combination of eligibility requirements set by the Supplemental Security Income Program or General Assistance program to qualify for assistance.
Where can I learn more?

The GRH program is described in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 256I.01 to 256I.08. To find out if you are eligible for the GRH program, contact your county human services agency.

I'm peaceful now. I'm not so nervous and jittery and worrying about tomorrow. And what I'm
going to do in the next hour, and what I'm going to eat in the next hour... I don't have to do all
that. I don't got to worry about getting kicked out in the morning... It's like I'm going down the
tunnel, but I can see the light at the end now. I remember I used to be in a world where I couldn't
see anything but darkness. I couldn't see no light. -Housing First participant
Alternative Homes of Minneapolis Inc. 
Serving those in need
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