About Us:
David Bates

President  (1999 - Current)

Known as a compassionate man, David has been directing Alternative Homes for 25 years. A leader with a passion for serving those in need.  Expressing Christian morals and beliefs; in addition to establishing himself as a sought after advocate in the recovery community.
Alfred Bates Founder

President 1983 - 1999

A visionary and true pioneer in the housing industry. After a successful career as an electrical engineer Alfred began to acquire property throughout the metro area. Initializing the company on a smaller scale has since built it up to what it is today. Alfred has been a benefit to the community by facilitating our clients to reach for a better future. 
Homelessness negatively impacts the educational achievement of our future workforce.
...after being accepted into Alternative Homes I was able to rebuild my life. Im now employed and live on my own. With out Alternative Homes I would probably still be living on the streets using drugs and alcohol...
-Patrick B. 2012
Serving Those in Need
The mission of Alternative Homes is to provide a clean, safe and sober environment for clients and staff. The goal is to assist clients in furthering their education, securing employment along with independent living.

Pride and a sense of achievement is obtained once a guest is able to re-enter society as a contributing member. When a client successfully gains employment and independent living there is reason for celebration! 


In 2012 Alternative Homes acquired a similar housing agency, paving the way for a 53% growth of the company. Continuing growth and the expansion of services for the homeless is essential in the fight to end homelessness.
25% of men experiencing homelessness in Minneapolis and Hennepin County are military veterans.
Did you know?
Alternative Homes of Minneapolis Inc. 
Serving those in need
...I've learned so much about myself where I have been and where I am now. I've learned humility, compassion, patience and above all else, I've gained much gratitude!! (Alt Homes) have provided a safe and welcoming place to live as I was trying to rebuild my life.
-Christopher H. 2016