Security and safety in a drug free zone. New clients are placed in shared lodging rooms. Within the facility clients are able to access common lounges and common bathrooms. Free laundry and Wi-Fi is also available. There is a zero tolerance policy towards chemical use and violence.


Eating three meals a day helps keep energy levels up and hunger at bay. 

We offer exactly that within two commercial kitchens.

We take pride in our menu and strive to serve food from local sources.

Bag meals are available to clients that have other commitments.

Health and wellness

Med Administration and Nursing services which provide restorative, recovery-oriented interventions directly to individuals who have the capacity to benefit from them. Remember, if you don’t take your medication as directed, you could be  putting your present and future health at risk.


Connecting the dots and providing leadership to assure that our clients do not fall between the cracks. Maintaining resources, coordinating outreach efforts, and holding one another accountable are concrete ways to help our clients and the community at large.


  • Male over the age of 18

  • Clean off Drugs and Alcohol

  • Eligible for General Assistance

  • Willing to work with case manager.

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